The Dementia Awareness Partnership is an Island based initiative whose aim is to spread a better understanding of dementia amongst the wider community.

This includes those living with the disease, their carers, the agencies that support people in their own homes, healthcare professionals within the NHS Trust and the IW Council, residential home providers, voluntary organisations, local businesses and interested members of the public.

The idea developed from the experience gained from Carers IW and The Alzheimer’s Cafes IW; two organisations that offer support in the community and both of which regularly meet people who rely heavily on care and who share their frustrations at the difficulties they encounter.

Our aim is to give people an understanding of what is meant by the term “dementia”, how the disease develops and how to monitor its progress, what support strategies are appropriate at each stage and how to ensure those living with dementia can continue to lead a full and meaningful life

This website willprovide information about forthcoming training opportunities and events linked to dementia awareness. However, there are useful links that will signpost other organisations that provide useful information or services.

Explore the website and if you need further advice contact us: